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Program to Email Memory Contents of Redlion HMI for Troubleshooting

The Redlion HMIs have the capability of creating and deleting files on the flash memory card and emailing out files.  The program below is called from a button on a diagnostics screen.  This is used to collect the contents of … Continue reading

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How To Forward Emails

Etiquette in the Information Age – Volume 2 This is pretty simple and common sense, but I constantly receive email forwards that prove we haven’t evolved enough.  This is part two of my most recent effort to make the world a … Continue reading

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Why Plain Text is Best

Etiquette in the Information Age – Volume 1 Your new computer came with the latest and greatest word processor software (version 23).  It seems like a good idea to fancy up your emails and communications by using the best software you can, right? … Continue reading

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Email is Working Now

This website now has the capability of sending you email. When you leave a comment, there is a checkbox option to “Notify me of followup comments via e-mail”, and it will do just that if you click on it. I’m … Continue reading

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More Huntley Brown Email

I overheard a conversation in my office about an email from Huntley Brown. Since I posted his now famous email earlier, I wanted to post this related information here also. I was amazed that Huntley responded to her email! -Brian … Continue reading

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