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Computer Time

Inside a computer, the definition of time gets confusing, because we haven’t always agreed on the definition of time and we periodically add bits of time (usually seconds) based on unpredictable events that occur with a giant water-covered rock flying through … Continue reading

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Review of the YHS-302A Process Calibrator Meter With Multimeter

For about 1/4 the cost of a Fluke, I decided to take a risk and buy a Chinese process meter.  This company makes a clone of the 787, but I opted for the YHS-302A model (which now seems to be … Continue reading

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Convert PDF to PNG using Linux

If you use the defaults for Imagemagick, the output of a PDF file with text converted to PNG is unreadable.  The secret is to use the density option: $ convert -density 300 xxxxx.pdf yyyyy.png If the original PDF has a … Continue reading

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The Key to Understanding the World

“It’s very existence is too improbable for any one person to truly comprehend” I, Pencil: The Movie The world we live in: we should be dumbstruck by its intricacy and brilliance Each part of the pencil is the result of the cooperation and collaboration of millions of people … Continue reading

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Battery 6x Larger Than Motherboard

I disassembled a broken tablet purchased on ebay.  The plan was to fix the screen, but just can’t get over the fact that the battery in this device is six times larger than the motherboard!  By the way, the motherboard … Continue reading

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Chrome OS is Awesome

I was a fan of the netbooks because  they were inexpensive, small, booted quickly (well, before Microsoft got involved that is), and had great battery life.  The low-end line of chromebooks maintain these features, with the added benefit of being powered … Continue reading

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Internet Freedom and ‘Conservatives’

What does the word ‘conservative’ mean?  To me, when speaking in terms of a politician running for office and representing themselves as a conservative, it means someone who will conserve (or protect) the principles of the US Constitution.  (I believe … Continue reading

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Encrypt File Folders with TrueCrypt

I recently converted some of my personal folders (like MyDocuments) to reside within an encrypted file.  Besides the obvious benefit of keeping the information in that folder more private, another reason was so I can take the contents of the … Continue reading

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Encrypt Messages using PGP / GnuPG

If you ever want to keep your electronic messages very private, using something called a ‘public-key cryptography’ is a good way to do it.  The common implementation of this method is known as PGP, which stands for “pretty good privacy”.  (it is … Continue reading

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Bucky Roberts and

One of my personal goals is to teach myself how to program in java. After falling asleep while reading tutorials, I clicked on youtube and then found Bucky Robert’s java tutorials. They are good. After going through the first 18, … Continue reading

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