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Morally Transform The World

There is one thing that nearly all of us can do that will immediately and exponentially increase both goodness and happiness on earth. The things we think are most important ONLY if being a good person is placed at the top of … Continue reading

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Kindle Fire HD 7 Screen Replacement

This gallery contains 9 photos.

Just wanted to post the pictures I took of this little tablet while I had it apart.  There are videos on youtube that are very helpful in learning where to pry and which screws to take out for the job. … Continue reading

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Gardening Notes: Compost

Compost Add compost to your soil as often as you can.  A 1/2″” layer added each year is typical. Low-Grade Compost Use a typical compost bin that creates a high-heat situation and converts the material quickly.  Most of nutrient value … Continue reading

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Make Your Own Complete Organic Fertilizer

Making your own Complete Organic Fertilizer (from Gardening When it Counts) Mix by volume (not weight): 4 parts seedmeal (or 3 parts seedmeal and 1 part tankage (AKA blood-and-bone, meatmeal)) 1/4 part agricultural lime 1/4 part gypsum 1/2 part dolomite lime 1 … Continue reading

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Homestead Heritage Village – Waco Texas

Here are some pictures of the fascinating and awesome Homestead Heritage Village in Waco Texas.  An amazing number of amazing things are happening here.  They are a self-sustaining village, and do most everything by hand.  Their property is beautiful, everything is organized, manicured, … Continue reading

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Dishwasher Repair

I snapped some pictures of the underside of the dishwasher since I had it disconnected and upside down.  It is pretty ingenious how the pump housing is made so that it serves as two pumps depending on which direction the … Continue reading

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Recording Video with Good Synced Audio from Webcam

One of the little joys of using Linux is that sometimes you have to play with the switches and wires to make things work right.  For some reason, it takes a small miracle to record decent video via a webcam. … Continue reading

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Security Camera System

I wanted to post some basic information about camera systems because several people have asked me about them today. There is a wide range and variety of systems available. The one I choose was based on these things attributes: very … Continue reading

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Is your time worth $72 per hour?

I did the math behind making your own jam and now I think making your own jam is one of the best uses of your time possible.  It is easy too!  As an added bonus, you know exactly what ingredients … Continue reading

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3 Things to Know Before Shopping at ALDI

I stopped by the ALDI grocery store in Plano today to take advantage of their 99cent/lb strawberry deal and learned a few things the hard way that everyone needs to know before attempting to shop there. You have to start … Continue reading

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