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Relay Terminal Standard Numbers

I finally did a little research to see if there was any meaning behind the numbers I often see on relays.  Of course there is!  It is European standard EN 50005. NO: 3 and 4 NC: 1 and 2 Form … Continue reading

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DR Horton Sucks, Part 3

Improperly made electrical connections are a pet peeve of mine, especially when they are in my own house with the potential to burn it down! This picture below is the reason our dishwasher quit working tonight. Notice that joint had … Continue reading

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Wiring Clean-Up

When I installed the temperature sensor in my homemade fuel manifold, I had a thought: “I better add a ground wire to complete the electrical path, or I’ll bet that temperature gauge won’t work.” I guess I forgot, until I … Continue reading

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Additional Wires for Betty

My goal of having Betty running on WVO before Thanksgiving failed, but I am determined to get it done this weekend. I had Friday off, which gave me a good chunk of time to get it done. First, I made … Continue reading

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