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Cub Scout Pack 780 Fall 2015 Campout Sack Races

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Intrinsic Safety Demonstration

At Turck‘s intrinsic safety seminar hosed by Automated Dynamics, I saw a very good demonstration of how safety barrier devices work:  They limit energy to a level that a spark produced will be too weak to ignite the gas surrounding the … Continue reading

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Judge Napolitano on libertarianism and Catholicism

Judge Napolitano talks about the relationship between libertarianism and Catholicism starting around the 6 minute mark: the essence of libertarianism is the primacy of the individual over the state …and as far as it is conceivable, absolute freedom of the … Continue reading

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Troy Bilt Chipper Shredder Review

Since we have been thinning out the trees and brush around our house, the piles of cut limbs are getting taller and more numerous.  I was planning on renting a big chipper over a weekend and taking care of it … Continue reading

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Water Flowing around the Gallimore House

Due to all the rain and melting snow, we have water pooling and flowing in areas I’ve never seen water at before.  Here are a two videos of the streams surrounding us right now.

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Build Your Own Non-Linear Response

It is common to control the speed of a pump based on a sensor reading.  But what if you want the pump speed to change at a different rate at different parts of the sensor range?  If the response isn’t … Continue reading

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Calculating the Volume of Irregular-Shaped Tanks

This is a quick demo and code listing I used to calculate the volume of a tank that is a combination of box, cylinder, and sphere shapes.  The controller is a Red Lion G3 Graphite.

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First Impressions of a RedLion Graphite HMI

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Wire Theft Detection System

Here is a pretty neat little project I just finished up that will detect if wire is stolen, and then send out email and text messages alerting a team of people of the event.  It is in a remote area, … Continue reading

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Razor Dune Buggy w/ 500w motor, 36v battery

Our Razor Dune Buggy is finished now.  Here is a quick video showing it off with the new parts: List of changed components from the original configuration: Here is a list of parts I ordered from ElectricScooterParts.com:

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