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The Key to Understanding the World

“It’s very existence is too improbable for any one person to truly comprehend” I, Pencil: The Movie The world we live in: we should be dumbstruck by its intricacy and brilliance Each part of the pencil is the result of the cooperation and collaboration of millions of people … Continue reading

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Economics Made Simple

Ed Kless gave a great presentation on “Economics Made Simple” tonight. Using an interactive game, he demonstrated how wealth is created by simply trading items among individuals. Since I hear things like ‘it is a zero sum game’ and ‘the … Continue reading

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Matt Ridley: When ideas have sex

Alternate titles: “How free trade creates wealth out of thin air”, or “The problem with the survivalist/isolationist mentality”. Interesting video about the progress of humans. It touches on a subject that is very interesting to me, which deals with ease … Continue reading

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