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Homestead Heritage Village – Waco Texas

Here are some pictures of the fascinating and awesome Homestead Heritage Village in Waco Texas.  An amazing number of amazing things are happening here.  They are a self-sustaining village, and do most everything by hand.  Their property is beautiful, everything is organized, manicured, … Continue reading

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Liberty Links

Brian’s list of pro-liberty web links: Michael Badnarik’s Constitution class:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_nOMbfsgZ9s Hillsdale College Constitution 101: http://constitution.hillsdale.edu/ The John Birch Society: http://www.jbs.org/ Bob Schulz’s “We the People Foundation”, “We the People Congress”, “Constitution Lobby”, and “The Articles of Freedom”: http://givemeliberty.org/ Social Media platform dedicated … Continue reading

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Bryson’s Bag of Tools

Bryson helped me assemble something tonight and used his new tools.  After we were finished, he dumped his tool bag out to play with everything.  I decided to ask him if he knew what all the tools were.  He knew … Continue reading

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12 Ton Shop Press

I knew I’d have to press the pinion and carrier bearings (multiple times) for this job i’m in the middle of right now, and that would wind up costing me as much as the cost of a brand new hydraulic … Continue reading

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Adjusting Valves

I finally got around to adjusting the valves on Betty.  This is something Mercedes says you need to do every 15,000 miles.  Every single one of the valves needed adjusting, so I’m sure it has been a while since it … Continue reading

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All Screws in Order

Most of my weekend was spent cleaning out the garage.  We can probably park Amber’s car in there again now.  I did a lot of organizing this time, which is time consuming and somewhat stressful for me.  Going through everything … Continue reading

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Bryson’s Playhouse

Last weekend, we bought a used playhouse for Bryson. It was pretty basic and a little old, but well built and the price was good. The folks that were selling it were really nice, and helped me load it up … Continue reading

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DRILL PRESS: A tall upright machine useful for suddenly snatching flat metal bar stock out of your hands so that it smacks you in the chest and flings your beer across the room, denting the freshly-painted project which you had … Continue reading

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Wheels for Betty

I’ve been looking for a good buy on a spare tire/wheel for Betty. I found a set of wheels this weekend, so now I’ll have 4 spares, not just one! Actually having the extra wheels will make it easier for … Continue reading

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Normal Weekend?

I didn’t have anything to do today, what a nice change! I took Comet to the vet to see about his ear problem, I took care of Bryson this morning while Amber went and did her errands, I caught up … Continue reading

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