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Convert Allen Bradley Logix 5000 Time to Unix Time (Epoch)

My favorite time format for time stamping events is to use Unix Time.  The AB Logix 5000 controllers offer time in a format that is similar, but requires some conversion.  Here is code for a RedLion device that does that … Continue reading

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Computer Time

Inside a computer, the definition of time gets confusing, because we haven’t always agreed on the definition of time and we periodically add bits of time (usually seconds) based on unpredictable events that occur with a giant water-covered rock flying through … Continue reading

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Current Time as a Fraction of Current Year

I had the need to represent time as a fraction of a year, so I came up with this little program to do the conversion for me.  (using in Redlion Crimson 3)

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The Element of Time

     I remember four years ago when I became interested in picking between the two candidates who were running for president.  I compared BO and John McCain. BO struck me as an empty suit, who sat in a church … Continue reading

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