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Texas Employers Can Not Prohibit Your Gun In Their Parking Lot

A recent law prohibits employers from banning guns in locked personal cars in their parking lots. I heard a well-loved talk show host (I’m looking at you Mark Davis) get this dead wrong this morning, even after speaking to a … Continue reading

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Bits and Bobs – March 3, 2013

Adam Kokesh has a message to Glenn Beck.  (philosophical libartarian gets into hard-core issues that statist simply can’t get behind) Welcome to liberty, Glenn Beck — from John Jay Myers If I told you that we all need to be very … Continue reading

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Notes on Visiting Texas Legislators

Phone List – TEXAS HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES – 83rd LEGISLATURE Phone List – THE SENATE OF TEXAS – 83rd Legislature Maps of Capitol Building, Room Layouts, and Floorplan

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Notes from Catalyst 730

We Texans and TAG put on a training session on Saturday to teach people how Legislature in Austin works and how to interact with the process. I’ve come to realize that a citizen’s responsibility includes actively working to hold the government accountable and … Continue reading

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Moving: California to Midland Texas

“That which cannot continue, will not continue. Does this adage apply to California? Could California simply go out of business? Bill Whittle tells you a cautionary tale about the California government and how it is driving high tech businesses to … Continue reading

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Fourth Generation Texan

I just dug up some interesting family tree information tonight. One thing that stuck out to me that was very interesting is that I’m a Forth Generation Texan. If you thought I was obnoxious about Texas before, now I just … Continue reading

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Psychotic Bastardizations of Compassion

This is a “re-post” from the motorcycle guys in Lubbock that I keep an eye on. I agree with the author, but never thought about the subject like he did. —- Date: Sat, May 10 2008 5:56 pm From: Tim … Continue reading

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