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Calculating the Volume of Irregular-Shaped Tanks

This is a quick demo and code listing I used to calculate the volume of a tank that is a combination of box, cylinder, and sphere shapes.  The controller is a Red Lion G3 Graphite.

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Fiberglass Fuel Tank Project

The only thing missing from having Betty 100% converted to run on vegetable oil is a real tank. Against the criticism of many, I wanted to build my own custom tank, out of fiberglass. I’ve always wanted to learn how … Continue reading

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Automated Camera at Water Tank

Check out all these creatures the camera caught while drinking at the tank!

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Betty’s Unnecessary Operation

I convinced myself that the problem a few mornings ago was due to sludge and debris built up inside the fuel tank. So, today, set out to pull the tank out and clean it. After finally getting it out (which … Continue reading

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