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Wood Repair Using Plastic Filler (bondo)

The house we just bought had damage to several of the stair trim pieces of wood from a dog.  Here are some pictures I took of my fix.  I started with a dowel glued in a hole I drilled, then … Continue reading

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Dishwasher Repair

I snapped some pictures of the underside of the dishwasher since I had it disconnected and upside down.  It is pretty ingenious how the pump housing is made so that it serves as two pumps depending on which direction the … Continue reading

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LCD Inverter Board Replacement

Amber’s laptop stopped working; I figure it the inverter board is the problem.  A very helpful pictorial tutorial showed me where all the screws were located.  After searching for a replacement, I wound up buying the part from e-bay, for $1.98 (plus … Continue reading

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Those Stupid Golf Carts

Due to my whining (1) (2), I’m known as the stupid golf cart picture taker guy. This was the situation pointed out to me today.

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Door Repair

I’ve been driving around with a little door damage caused by some worthless waste of flesh a while back.  I wanted to try to repair the damage myself, so I finally upgraded my wire welder to a MIG.  The cylinder … Continue reading

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Constant State of Disrepair

I’ve learned that the downside to all the neat vehicle modifications I’ve done is that there is always something that isn’t working right. My level switch in the water/meth tank went out, so I popped the hood to change it … Continue reading

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