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Data Type Comparison Chart

When I switch between different systems, I get confused about what size a certain data type represents , so I made this chart:

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blinksticks showing opposite colors

A few hours of tinkering with the new blinksticks, here is what I came up with: The light on the right is set to a random color every 1/2 second.  The stick on the left morphs to the opposite color. … Continue reading

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Blinkstick – a single pixel controlled by USB

I ordered 2 blinkstick kits a while back — they came in today!  I dug out the soldering iron and assembled them.  Within a few minutes I had the blinkstick python libraries installed on my computer.  Now I’m wondering what … Continue reading

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Working from Home

I brought all the stuff I’ve been working on in the office home so I could spend the weekend here instead of all alone in the office.  This is all equipment from automationdirect.com (the walmart of industrial automation).  I’ve been … Continue reading

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