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Kickstarter and Permaculture

My pessimism of  our species turns to optimism when I look at things like permaculture, open-source software, and kickstarter.   There is a sector of people who are magical.  They create wealth, happiness  and goodness.  I just clicked on Paul Wheaton’s rocket mass … Continue reading

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Paul Wheaton Permaculture

Here is a nice article featured on the front page of Montana’s largest weekly newspaper. It is about Paul Wheaton, who is on my short list of heroes. It explains how Paul got started in Permaculture because he sucked so … Continue reading

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If you are benefiting from ethics, you are doing it wrong!

I enjoyed this conversation between Paul Wheaton and Toby Hemenway (author of Gaia’s Garden).  They explore human behavior of wanting to take something that does not belong to you. Toby explains that he is annoyed when an “able bodied, intelligent person … Continue reading

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