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Windows PPTP VPN Setup on LinuxMint 17

After poking around for too long, I finally found the solution to connecting to a standard Windows server PPTP VPN from LinuxMint 17.  (from geeky.name)  I’m posting here to make it easy to find again. Click the NetworkManager Applet VPN Connection … Continue reading

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Vegetable Gardening 101

The most common questions about gardening come from people just starting out: What do I do?  How do I start?  Most any experienced gardener will tell you they never stop learning, so don’t wait until you think you ‘know it … Continue reading

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Animated How-To Tie Knots

A co-worker who has a son going through the scouting program turned me on to this great website that has a bunch of animated instructions on how to tie a bunch of different knots. Very cool stuff. Check out the … Continue reading

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