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Internet Freedom and ‘Conservatives’

What does the word ‘conservative’ mean?  To me, when speaking in terms of a politician running for office and representing themselves as a conservative, it means someone who will conserve (or protect) the principles of the US Constitution.  (I believe … Continue reading

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Links and More – January 13, 2013

gEEk humor:  The White House responded to an online petition to build  a Death Star by 2016.  Their response was hilarious: This Isn’t the Petition Response You’re Looking For | We the People: Your Voice in Our Government. — Gut-Laugh funny … Continue reading

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Gun-Related Discussions

Last Friday one of the worst tragedies unfolded as a 20 year old stole his mothers guns, killed her, then killed 20 children and 5 adults at an elementary school. This spurred lots of calls for additional gun bans. Never … Continue reading

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Annoying Facebookers, Categorized

Here are some common ‘annoying facebook personalities’. I don’t fit any of these categories, still searching for my box.

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Never one to say no to PBJ

This takes a few minutes to get through, but well worth the read!    

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Blog, Tumblr, Facebook Integration

A friend asked that I describe how my blog and tumblr and facebook are all tied together.  This diagram shows what is going on. Some smart and generous people have already developed plugins that take care of the details for … Continue reading

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Responses to BO’s Nobel Prize

I just went through the facebook updates related to the president receiving a Nobel peace prize. I’m recording the responses here, without anyone’s identity. (is it OK to do that?) — gotta love my president!! President Obama wins Nobel Peace … Continue reading

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North Texas Vegetable Gardening Information

I’m trying to publish as much information as possible about my gardening learning experience. The first place I record my activities is of course here, in my blog, but I’m also creating two other resources: 1- Facebook group “North Texas … Continue reading

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