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Gardening Notes: Compost

Compost Add compost to your soil as often as you can.  A 1/2″” layer added each year is typical. Low-Grade Compost Use a typical compost bin that creates a high-heat situation and converts the material quickly.  Most of nutrient value … Continue reading

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Garden Problem: Tire Potatoes

Lesson learned.  I thought it was a good idea to add hay to my tires instead of dirt.  It would be easier to harvest with less mess. The problem is that it turned into an active compost pile.  Before I … Continue reading

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A Day of Hard Labor

It’s been 3 years since we did anything with the front flower beds. (see previous post) That plastic we used for weed block does a good job, we haven’t had to pull weeds. I’ve been a little worried that the … Continue reading

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Starting a Worm Farm

The logic is overwhelming: 1. One of the most needed things in any garden is fertilizer. 2. Worm castings are about the best fertilizer you can get. 3. My regular compost bin does not process kitchen waste fast enough. 4. … Continue reading

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Raised Bed 4 and 5

I convinced Amber that working in the garden was good family fun, so we all went to work this morning. The weather was beautiful. Sunny and cool, but not cold. Perfect weather for working outdoors.

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