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Data Type Comparison Chart

When I switch between different systems, I get confused about what size a certain data type represents , so I made this chart:

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Since I’ve been working with virtual machines lately, my tiny Solid State Drive is filled up.  This was easily remedied by adding a traditional Hard Disk Drive.  I was surprised at how much difference there is between these two devices … Continue reading

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Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

When it seems like everything around me is SNAFU, it helps to remember where we are in the pyramid of needs.  I can’t remember a time in my life when I woke up and questioned if I would have food, … Continue reading

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Economy of Fritz Von Eric

Here is a chart of the fuel performance my cheap diesel econo-box has got to date. I still can’t get over that the US government is interfering with the automotive market to the point that the same car in the … Continue reading

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Bernie Madoff vs. The Government

Some of you know this but not enough of you. Madoff did to his investors what the government has been doing to us for over 60 years with Social Security. There is no meaningful difference between the two schemes except … Continue reading

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Experience Not Important?

I saw a chart similar to this a few days ago on Glenn Beck’s show. I think it speaks for itself.

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Unemployment Rates

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Blip in Visits

My blog site usually gets about 50 visitors per day. The post I made yesterday about the white house’s new snitch email address was responsible for almost 600 hits that one day, and several comments from non-regulars.

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Effort vs. Success

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