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Razor Dune Buggy w/ 500w motor, 36v battery

Our Razor Dune Buggy is finished now.  Here is a quick video showing it off with the new parts: List of changed components from the original configuration: Here is a list of parts I ordered from

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BBQ Grill Burners and Heat Plates

For $40, I was able to have 3 new burners and 3 new stainless steel heat plates shipped to my door.  The reason I thought this was so great is last time I bought new burners, I paid $60 for … Continue reading

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Playhouse Expansion

Six months after we’ve moved in I’m finally getting to the task of setting up the playhouse we brought with us from the old house.  Side note:  Bryson told me this weekend he remembers going to someone’s house and taking … Continue reading

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Wood Repair Using Plastic Filler (bondo)

The house we just bought had damage to several of the stair trim pieces of wood from a dog.  Here are some pictures I took of my fix.  I started with a dowel glued in a hole I drilled, then … Continue reading

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blinksticks showing opposite colors

A few hours of tinkering with the new blinksticks, here is what I came up with: The light on the right is set to a random color every 1/2 second.  The stick on the left morphs to the opposite color. … Continue reading

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Blinkstick – a single pixel controlled by USB

I ordered 2 blinkstick kits a while back — they came in today!  I dug out the soldering iron and assembled them.  Within a few minutes I had the blinkstick python libraries installed on my computer.  Now I’m wondering what … Continue reading

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Don’t Join the Tea Party!

Summit & Right Online Bill Whittle History, Logic and Reason do not work, need a story.  “Everything is a story” How to Win the Culture (but can’t use the real words – because meaning has changed) 1- Freedom – “Do … Continue reading

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Pics and Memes – August 25, 2013

This gallery contains 34 photos.

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Exploding Sink

Our A/C condensate drain has been clogged up. Luckily, we had paid the A/C guy extra to add a ball valve and schrader valve to the line to make cleaning it out a breeze. I should know better, none of … Continue reading

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Homemade Mouse Trap

We have a devious mouse in our garage that doesn’t fall for the variety of snap traps or glue traps we have set.  I built a homemade mouse trap from a 5 gallon bucket, piece of wire, piece of PVC … Continue reading

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