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BBQ Grill Burners and Heat Plates

For $40, I was able to have 3 new burners and 3 new stainless steel heat plates shipped to my door.  The reason I thought this was so great is last time I bought new burners, I paid $60 for … Continue reading

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Playhouse Expansion

Six months after we’ve moved in I’m finally getting to the task of setting up the playhouse we brought with us from the old house.  Side note:  Bryson told me this weekend he remembers going to someone’s house and taking … Continue reading

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Wood Repair Using Plastic Filler (bondo)

The house we just bought had damage to several of the stair trim pieces of wood from a dog.  Here are some pictures I took of my fix.  I started with a dowel glued in a hole I drilled, then … Continue reading

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blinksticks showing opposite colors

A few hours of tinkering with the new blinksticks, here is what I came up with: The light on the right is set to a random color every 1/2 second.  The stick on the left morphs to the opposite color. … Continue reading

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Blinkstick – a single pixel controlled by USB

I ordered 2 blinkstick kits a while back — they came in today!  I dug out the soldering iron and assembled them.  Within a few minutes I had the blinkstick python libraries installed on my computer.  Now I’m wondering what … Continue reading

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Don’t Join the Tea Party!

Summit & Right Online Bill Whittle History, Logic and Reason do not work, need a story.  “Everything is a story” How to Win the Culture (but can’t use the real words – because meaning has changed) 1- Freedom – “Do … Continue reading

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Pics and Memes – August 25, 2013

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Exploding Sink

Our A/C condensate drain has been clogged up. Luckily, we had paid the A/C guy extra to add a ball valve and schrader valve to the line to make cleaning it out a breeze. I should know better, none of … Continue reading

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Homemade Mouse Trap

We have a devious mouse in our garage that doesn’t fall for the variety of snap traps or glue traps we have set.  I built a homemade mouse trap from a 5 gallon bucket, piece of wire, piece of PVC … Continue reading

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Chimney Repair

I neglected to keep the paint and caulk in good condition on my chimney, so the wood trim rotted and leaked water. Quality builders will use materials that hold up to the weather, such as brick, but not these homes … Continue reading

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