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Judge Napolitano on libertarianism and Catholicism

Judge Napolitano talks about the relationship between libertarianism and Catholicism starting around the 6 minute mark: the essence of libertarianism is the primacy of the individual over the state …and as far as it is conceivable, absolute freedom of the … Continue reading

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The Key to Understanding the World

“It’s very existence is too improbable for any one person to truly comprehend” I, Pencil: The Movie The world we live in: we should be dumbstruck by its intricacy and brilliance Each part of the pencil is the result of the cooperation and collaboration of millions of people … Continue reading

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Morally Transform The World

There is one thing that nearly all of us can do that will immediately and exponentially increase both goodness and happiness on earth. The things we think are most important ONLY if being a good person is placed at the top of … Continue reading

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It is Time to Stop Supporting College Football

There is proof that playing football causes brain injury. (CTE) Colleges claim to have the goal of developing brains with knowledge and useful skills. See the Problem there?  That is just the surface. Supporting a violent sport that is known … Continue reading

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Anti-Monsanto and Pro-Second-Amendment Groups Want the Same Thing, But They Don’t Even Know It

The audio clip below describes something very interesting and very destructive that is going on right now.  It has to do with different groups of people who hate each other because they have been conditioned to hate each other, even … Continue reading

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Lizard Brain – Judgement

I was reminded of “The Lizard Brain” concept recently; this is definitely worth the read and putting some thought to. Do you think, or react? The text below is from the article at The Lizard Brain Where does Judgment … Continue reading

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Slavery and the US Declaration of Independence

Did you know: The Declaration of Independence was almost never signed because the Southern states demanded the right to keep slavery institutionalized. The slaves were almost freed in 1776. –Judge Andrew Napolitano 1776 and Slavery Here is the clause describing … Continue reading

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Are Voters Qualified to Play Their Role in a Democratic System?

I hope every person who is in the business of education listens to the podcast below.  He gets in to the subject of how the education system will change quickly and leave many many teachers without jobs. In Dan Carlin’s … Continue reading

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Ice-T Understands the Second Amendment, Do You?

Ben Swann is an exception to the rule when it comes to journalist. I love his work. In this episode, he covers statements by rapper Ice T about the historical context of the 2nd amendment, which is one of my … Continue reading

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Better Ideas In Education

“Public education has seen little change in the past several decades, despite diminishing results. In these excerpts from his documentary, “Stupid In America’” John Stossel explores some better ideas.” John Stossel – Better Ideas In Education

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