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Concrete Foundation for Shop

After months of delays due to rain, and then delays caused by the delays, I finally have the foundation for the new shop poured. These are the templates I made for the anchor bolts 70+ cubic yards of select fill … Continue reading

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Support and Educate your Local Sheriff

There is really no downside to having your most high-ranking peace officers become more educated and informed about the Constitutional basis of their authority.  As our un-elected local police forces become increasingly militarized and federalized, the sheriffs are being downsized … Continue reading

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Flying around Possum Kingdom Lake

My company goes to great expense to do some really cool things for their employees.  Two weeks ago it was my group’s turn for our employee appreciation event.  We went out to a public airstrip at Possum Kingdom lake and … Continue reading

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“Smart Growth” / Sustainability : Agenda 21 Conference

I’ve been holding off from forming an opinion about the whole topic of Agenda 21 for a while now.  I can see both sides of the problem.  How do you protect the resources that all humans require to live while … Continue reading

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Where Drug Bust Exotic Pets Wind Up

We had our Texas Master Naturalist meeting in an interesting facility tonight– a place owned by the city of Plano that is kind of an outdoor classroom for Plano schools. It is not open to the public (funny to me … Continue reading

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Monster Truck Jam at Cowboys Stadium

Amber and I took Bryson to see the Monster Truck Jam today at the giant silver cockroach. (shout out to all the Arlington taxpayers, thanks for the subsidized facility, it is nice!) They make these events fun. The stadium was … Continue reading

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Field Medical Training

Something I’ve been looking for was some sort of mini-EMT class to give me some basic first aid training.  My search didn’t lead to anything except CPR classes and classes geared for people who were entering the emergency care profession. … Continue reading

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