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Virtual Network Interface Shared with VMWare and VirtualBox

Here is how I set up a dummy (virtual) network interface on my linux (Mint/Ubuntu) host computer to create a local network that guest VMs in both VMWare and VirtualBox could access.  This network allows resources sharing among multiple guest … Continue reading

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How to: Linux Dual Boot on Dell 7710 with Windows 10, NVMe SSD, and UEFI

subtitle:  Linux doesn’t see Samsung SM951 M.2 PCIe NVMe SSD on Dell Precision 7710 laptop preloaded with Windows 10 Here are the steps I took to get LinuxMint 18 installed on a laptop with a NVMe SSD and UEFI while … Continue reading

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Convert Allen Bradley Logix 5000 Time to Unix Time (Epoch)

My favorite time format for time stamping events is to use Unix Time.  The AB Logix 5000 controllers offer time in a format that is similar, but requires some conversion.  Here is code for a RedLion device that does that … Continue reading

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Convert Unsigned Integer to Float

I’m working with a RedLion device that treats integers as signed, and they don’t provide the function needed to convert an unsigned integer into a floating point.   Here is some code that will treat the 32 bit register as … Continue reading

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Debounce Code for Logix 5000

Here is a way to debounce the on and off signals in a Logix 5000 PLC:

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Michael Badnarik Explains how in Increase your Constitutional Kung Foo

 When Michael Badnarik ( left Texas almost 5 years ago, I was bummed because I figured I wouldn’t ever have a chance to take his constitution class again.  I was late to the liberty movement and seemed to miss some … Continue reading

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Family Pictures November 2015

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Cub Scout Pack 780 Fall 2015 Campout Sack Races

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Windows PPTP VPN Setup on LinuxMint 17

After poking around for too long, I finally found the solution to connecting to a standard Windows server PPTP VPN from LinuxMint 17.  (from  I’m posting here to make it easy to find again. Click the NetworkManager Applet VPN Connection … Continue reading

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Intrinsic Safety Demonstration

At Turck‘s intrinsic safety seminar hosed by Automated Dynamics, I saw a very good demonstration of how safety barrier devices work:  They limit energy to a level that a spark produced will be too weak to ignite the gas surrounding the … Continue reading

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