Review of the YHS-302A Process Calibrator Meter With Multimeter

IMG_20141204_220320471For about 1/4 the cost of a Fluke, I decided to take a risk and buy a Chinese process meter.  This company makes a clone of the 787, but I opted for the YHS-302A model (which now seems to be the YHS 7011) because it seemed to have more bells and whistles. (see bottom of article for update)

Things I like:

  • price
  • came with alligator clips, probes, battery charger, and temperature sensor
  • ability to supply 24VDC from top connector
  • durable and solid feel
  • ability to measure frequency, capacitance, temperature, and diodes all from one meter
  • ability to source a current/voltage/frequency while measuring anything else simultaneously
  • came with a big carry case with room for extra leads and adapters

Things I don’t like:

  • 4-20mA output function only works as a source.  A Fluke 787 has a ‘simulate’ mode that lets you use an external voltage source like a panel’s 24V power supply.  With this meter, you have to let the meter be the source.
  • The Up/Down buttons don’t step through 4, 8, 12, 16, 20 mA like a Fluke 787 does.  You have to press the big up/down button until you get close, then press the little up/down buttons to fine tune.  It takes much longer go get though a loop calibration with this meter compared to the 787.
  • It goes wonky if you let the sleep timer expire.  It seems to only go half to sleep, or half wake up, and switching the selector to off and back is required to get it working again.
  • It is a little confusing to have to use the SHIFT button to switch between the top and bottom displays.
  • Test leads are short.
  • No option for a magnetic hanger attachment
  • Instruction manual is poor quality

[UPDATE 2/2015]

The “FUNC” button that switches between AC/DC mode stopped working.  I figured it was dirty under the contact, so I took the meter apart.  When I did, the battery connector fell off in my hands due to a bad solder joint.  There is a lot of corrosion on the board, looks like it is just bad quality.  I put it back together and it is working for now, but I’m not feeling too good about this purchase.


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