The State, Defined by Murray Rothbard

Screenshot from 2014-12-01 19:44:51I came across this gem from Real Dissent: A Libertarian Sets Fire to the Index Card of Allowable Opinion:

Now what is the state, anyway? Forget all the romanticizing nonsense about social contract theories , the consent of the people, whatever . What is this institution? Here’s Murray Rothbard:

The State is a group of people who have managed to acquire a virtual monopoly of the use of violence throughout a given territorial area. In particular, it has acquired a monopoly of aggressive violence, for States generally recognize the right of individuals to use violence (though not against States, of course ) in self -defense. The State then uses this monopoly to wield power over the inhabitants of the area and to enjoy the material fruits of that power. The State, then, is the only organization in society that regularly and openly obtains its monetary revenues by the use of aggressive violence; all other individuals and organizations (except if delegated that right by the State) can obtain wealth only by peaceful production and by voluntary exchange of their respective products. This use of violence to obtain its revenue (called “taxation”) is the keystone of State power. Upon this base the State erects a further structure of power over the individuals in its territory, regulating them, penalizing critics, subsidizing favorites, etc. The State also takes care to arrogate to itself the compulsory monopoly of various critical services needed by society, thus keeping the people in dependence upon the State for key services, keeping control of the vital command posts in society and also fostering among the public the myth that only the State can supply these goods and services. Thus the State is careful to monopolize police and judicial service, the ownership of roads and streets, the supply of money, and the postal service, and effectively to monopolize or control education, public utilities, transportation, and radio and television.

That single paragraph does more than a lifetime of social studies classes to clarify the true nature of the state and its activities. There’s your great vehicle for progress, stripped to its essentials.

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