Razor Dune Buggy w/ 500w motor, 36v battery

Our Razor Dune Buggy is finished now.  Here is a quick video showing it off with the new parts:

List of changed components from the original configuration:

Here is a list of parts I ordered from ElectricScooterParts.com:

Screenshot from 2014-11-02 18:21:23

Added components:

Bryson says it is fast:

The first ride on the dune buggy:

Good for doing donuts:

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8 Responses to Razor Dune Buggy w/ 500w motor, 36v battery

  1. Blake says:

    Did you have to modify the motor to mount it?

    • Brian Gallimore says:

      no, but I couldn’t use the old motor mount.

      I used 2 pieces of all-thread, bent around the motor and run through holes in the buggy frame.

  2. Henry Wang says:

    How easy was it to connect the cables between the controller and the battery, motor? That is the part which scares me the most. Do you have any diagrams to share?

    • Brian Gallimore says:

      yes, it was pretty easy. the place I bought the parts from had a wiring diagram, and had all the connectors too

  3. Henry Wang says:

    How did you mount your motor in place? Can you let me know where you got the mounting part from?

    • Brian Gallimore says:

      Henry, I just used two pieces of allthread (3/16″ I think) that I bent into the shape of “U”s. I used the existing bottom plate, and drilled new holes for the allthread to penetrate the bottom. Simple and cheap.

  4. Rich says:

    I just replied to your youtube video. That is a very nice and super clean install…I really like what you’ve done!!

    I’m going to be buying one for my kids for Christmas and wanted to get the parts ready to do the 36V upgrade. I have a question regarding the battery spade connectors and wiring. Are those factory? If not do you happen to know what gauge wire you used and where you got the spade connectors from? I saw you used a piggy back spade connector on the battery below the steering and I wanted to use that too to add some LEDs and the volt gauge.

    • Brian Gallimore says:

      I think I used 10ga wire. I had the spade connectors on hand, but they are available at autoparts stores and home improvement stores. I’ve had problems with the connectors, they loosen up over time, I have to rebend them to get them tight again.

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