Texas Firearm Protection Act (HB 1076)

One of the more exciting gun bills in the Texas Legislature is HB 1076, The Texas Firearm Protection Act.  It makes it a crime to to enforce Federal law if that law does not exist as a Texas law.  This is a nullification bill.  It attempts to nullify overreaching federal power and attempts to balance the power between the states and the federal machine, as our system is designed for.  It asserts the power and intent of the Second, Ninth, and Tenth amendments.

Opponents to the bill say it is a waste of time and money.  They say it will never hold up to legal challenge.  (No doubt, when you ask the federal government if they have the authority to do X, they usually say they do— there is no impartial party in this argument)

We have run out of options to solve this problem.  Nullification is one of the few remaining tactics.  My hope is Texas prevails on this legislation, and that many other states pass similar legislation.  Second amendment bills are the perfect case for this test too, because it is such a black / white issue for people.

You can read in the Journal around page 2452 where opponents state we should do whatever the federal government wants.  I’ve noticed that many liberals believe the politicians who work in Washington DC are more wise and more just than the politicians who work in Austin Texas.  (But they also like the go local movement?)  The trend toward bigger and more power is destructive to most everything in our lives.  The US government was never supposed to be this large or have this much control.  I hope everyone who understands this supports the act of resisting and pushing back in the name of helping to balance the power.

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  1. Brian says:

    more info on nullification:

    Eric Holder says Feds Will Ignore State Laws and Enforce Gun Grab | Spread Liberty News – http://spreadlibertynews.com/eric-holder-says-feds-will-ignore-state-laws-and-enforce-gun-grab/

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