Bits and Bobs – March 1, 2013


  • No such thing as Gun Control, only People Control
  • God given right to protect myself and family… not given by piece of paper, only insured by the piece paper
  • Rights are not given by the Governor or the POTUS, they are not their rights to give
  • We live in a society of wolves.  You do not fight back by creating more sheep!
  • US Revolution:  Our leaders were one of the only ones in human history who defeated our enemies and took power, then created a document that dis-empowered them.
  • Action Matters – Vote, Echo the Message, Be Involved

Dan Bongino @ Guns Across America Rally in Annapolis, MD

from Marie Day

This past Wednesday, there was a hearing on HB 46–the bill to allow licensed raw milk farmers to bring their products to farmers’ markets and delivery points. We had strong testimony from several of our farmers, registered dietitians, and passionate consumers, including a very articulate 11-year-old girl who shared her story of years of extremely painful eczema finally being solved with a change in diet that includes raw dairy. The Committee members asked good questions throughout the hearing.
As expected, the Texas Dairymen’s Association, Texas Medical Association, Texas Pediatrics Association, and the Harris County Health Department opposed the bill.

Good discussion with 3 libertarians and Glenn Beck, who has now decided he wants to be one too.  (read Jack Hunter’s comments about being on Beck’s show…. he is right, as usual)

Glenn Beck: How Do We Bring Libertarians Together ?

Found a youtube channel with lots of good content:


The Establishment is worried about the Sequester all right — worried that it will limit their crazy spending spree. So, I found a few infographics about the Sequester which demonstrate just how many lies are coming out of DC, and I wanted to show them to you. Please share these with your family and friends!

Michigan to take over Detroit city government

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder announced Friday that the state will take over the operations of Detroit’s city government due to its long-standing financial problems.

(Infographic from Face the Facts USA) Americans and the tax experts they hire spend 6.1 billion hours a year trying to pay what’s owed. Compliance is a 3 million-worker industry.

Pictures and Memes:

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2 Responses to Bits and Bobs – March 1, 2013

  1. Tony says:

    Glen Beck cares about Glen Beck. He is also a loose cannon with no firm moral base. If he became more involved with the Tea Party, it would be for an attempt at a power-grab. Beware.

    • Brian says:

      I’m very cautious about supporting anything Beck does. His love affair with Rick Perry and hatchet job against Debra Medina have left an impression on me!

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