Not Paying Your Taxes is Trending Up


Lots of people (and the numbers are growing) are not paying ‘what they owe’ to the government in the form of taxes.  “To cover the gap, each compliant taxpaying household would have to chip in an extra $3,300

Think about this:  Something has to change.  Either 1) the government will figure out a way to reverse the trend and get more people to pay up or, 2) the system will collapse when a critical mass of people say screw it, if they aren’t paying than neither am I.  (this is human nature to think this way)

How will the government convince more people to pay up?  Will they use military force?  Will they make laws more fair?


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2 Responses to Not Paying Your Taxes is Trending Up

  1. Tony says:

    They will make examples of a few. It sure worked in my case.

  2. Ricky Turner says:

    The democrats are poised to be in the white house for a long time; their agenda does not include improving the tax laws; they have (and want) too many people on the federal dole. The tax laws will only become more oppressive, therefore, the growing number of people will continue to grow. As a result, either more americans will have to pull their heads out (unlikely) and elect good people to office (also unlikely); or the fed will have to use military force (most likely) to extort more taxes from the people. I, like the growing number of people, will not pay up. I will never pay up willingly. Since almost all of my income is earned and kept outside the usa, if force is used, I will leave the country and live elsewhere.

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