RFID Programs in Texas Schools

Info below mostly plagiarized from Holly Beene Seal:

On the subject of making school students wear RFID tags for tracking purposes (like the pallets at Wal-Mart):  Legislation has been introduced that will make RFID programs at schools voluntary instead of mandatory.  These are HB 101, HB 102 and SB 173.

Recently, the SIA (Security Industry Association) has sent leaders of the House and the Senate a letter in opposition of these bills.   The letters contain bold lies in an effort to build opposition of these bills.   The bills do not prohibit the use of RFID chips, they simply make the program voluntary! (click on links above -each bill is very short and easy to understand)  The letter also states that this legislation would harm the Texas economy but this statement is pure speculation.  There is no evidence offered to back up this claim.  Simple economics: if this product is so wonderful it should be flying off the shelves voluntarily, not because it has been mandated by the government!  This organization is looking for money from the government and doesn’t seem to value the rights of individuals.  They even point out that schools want to do this just to get more federal funding!  And they also bring up the tragedy at Sandy Hook as a last resort heart tug to lure you in.  There is no evidence to prove that a Student ID card with a tracking device would have prevented such a tragedy and it is a far reach to even consider that possibility.
Argument against the RFID chips:

  • No one, much less innocent children in our public schools, should be tracked without a warrant or probable cause of criminal activity.
  • Walking through the doors of tax payer funded education centers does not warrant giving up any of our Natural Rights.
  • A clear violation of the 4th Amendment to the United States Constitution

Urge our Texas legislators to protect the rights and choices of Texas families — support HB 101,102 and SB 173.

Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety. ~ Benjamin Franklin

Letter from “Security Industry Association” to Senate President

Letter from “Security Industry Association” to Texas Speaker of the House of Representatives

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  1. Carol says:

    Just one more reason why we’ve chosen to homeschool in Texas.

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