News, Videos, Links – February 7, 2013

Ben Swann and other libertarians have been all over this story for months. Pro-war neocons and fanboy Democrats seem to be OK with killing 16 year old Denver-born citizens without cause, oversight, trial, or any due process what-so-ever.

Reality Check- Obama’s Kill List, Drones, & Assassinating U.S. Citizens

Danny Glover Claim vs History of Racism and Gun Control

Zo uses video clips from Malcolm X criticizing Democrats and Liberals. He hated them! video:
Colin Powell is Wrong About Republicans

Giovanni Capriglione, Texas State Representative for District 98, well played Sir, well played.

Fleeing Californians Ponder Which State To Ruin Next

from John Jay Myers:

In honor of the Republicans I am having a small coffee and donuts meeting at my house to discuss whether the earth is flat and if dinosaurs existed. In honor of the Democrats I am spending $16 billion dollars on the meeting.

Automation: Destroying Jobs or Creating Productivity?

from Greg Stuessel

382263_10200649213302212_1348395411_nIn India they are laying solar panels over their aqueducts so that they are producing electricity and preventing evaporation of much needed agricultural water all at the same time. The panels in this picture, taken in/near Gujarat, India produce 1 MW of electricity per Km and prevents the evaporation of 1 crore (10 million) liters of water every single day. And here in America? We let our infrastructure deteriorate while bailing out failed institutions, sending billions overseas in foreign aid (some of it to terrorist nations) and spend trillions being the policeman of the world.

Pictures / Memes:

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