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First Class Non-Domestic: 3 cents on a letter is all you need!  Don’t use zip codes, don’t use state abbreviations.  This is “outside the united states”, which means Washington DC.  All 50 states, any military base, any federal zone!

Retirement Savings Accounts Draw U.S. Consumer Bureau Attention – Bloomberg –

Where each state stands on gun-control legislation

from Rick Parker

I don’t usually comment on politics, but when I do, I prefer to comment about the crazy, mind bending things that our president says. Today: “We can’t cut our way to prosperity,” Barack Obama said on Tuesday.

This is from a guy who just can’t stand to see a single penny not get spent, even if it is only imaginary money printed from thin air, even if it is not really a cut at all, but simply a reduction in spending increases.

Doesn’t the president understand that cuts in government spending does NOT equate to cuts in spending by the American people. If the government doesn’t take everyone’s money and spend it on futile government programs, perhaps a business person will spend that money on a useful project that will produce actual benefits for Americans.

Stefan Molyneux goes into stats, comparisons and arguments I haven’t heard before:

Gun Control: History, Philosophy and Ethics

(click on link below for several videos)  from Paul Wheaton:

There are two huge problems with the electric car:

1)  The range of 80 to 150 miles combined with how it takes so long to recharge, and the lack of availability of charging stations.

2)  The toxic gick in the batteries combined with how they will eventually need to replaced at great expense.  And these expense of these batteries leads to expense for initial purchase.

Compressed air vehicles can be recharged at any gas station that offers air for your tires – in about three minutes.  The initial cost of the vehicle is much less than the electric vehicles and the stored energy is not toxic – just air.

A hybrid has been announced that will get 117mpg.

Cheaper, cleaner and more efficient than electric.  A massive game changer.

McCain, Bolton and the Neocons are on the wrong side of history

The whole, multi-decade adventure in the Middle East will have squandered trillions, cost millions of lives on all sides, and not only achieved nothing, but actually made the landscape in the Middle East much worse. If Islamic fundamentalism truly is a threat to the Western world, then PNAC has increased that threat by orders of magnitude.

Pictures / Memes:


Anti-Gun Educrats Gone Wild


There can be no debate about two plus two equals four, the existence of gravity, or that the world is round. Neither can there be any serious “debate” about the right to self defense. At the moment, however, there is public discussion about our right to life which extrapolates into the implicit right to protect that life using a gun. The Shmoon in America think that guns are inherently evil, and that the government must exercise its fictitious authority to confiscate all civilian firearms. When the discussion escalates into conflict, and it appears certain that it will, the side with guns will win, and the Shmoon on the other side will lose. Your generous nature – and flawed logic – make you a threat to capitalism, western society, and civilization itself. It also makes you a threat to yourself. Don’t be a Shmoo!

Don’t be a Shmoo!

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