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When I heard the news about Chris Kyle being shot at a gun range, the second thought in my brain was “why would you take someone who has PTSD to a gun range?”, but I didn’t say it out loud.  Ron Paul did:



and ‘for context’ from Jeremy Blosser:

In 2008 I had the bittersweet honor of walking an Army widow at Ft. Hood through the line of supporters and introducing her to Ron and Carol Paul. She had a son who would never know his father. She’d come out to hear the one who was talking about an end to the violence and preventing more of what had happened to her family.

The Pauls were clearly exhausted from the campaign trail and the non-stop speeches and interviews, but when I told them who I was with they dropped everything to hug her and pull her back privately for as many minutes as they could spare to share her grief and show her compassion. There were tears all around.

That’s the Ron Paul I know, and how he treats veterans and their families. Hundreds (thousands?) of veterans know him the same way, and as the one who got them their benefits and medals when no one else would stand up for them or keep pushing until they finally got relief.

The wars are horrible and need to end. But the people are still people and need care and compassion. That Ron Paul understands this is a primary reason I have always supported him.

Neocons will rarely miss an opportunity to to misinterpret, spin, and take jabs at Ron Paul though.  Check out the comments and source link.

I’ve changed my attitude from ‘people need to participate in the process of government’ to ‘people need to educate themselves’ to where I am now, which is something like ‘when the majority of the population thinks socialism on a national scale is an OK thing, we are not going to turn back to the ideals of liberty without a major catastrophic event, and even then the chances of doing that are slim’. Most depressing is that so called ‘conservatives’, ‘second amendment supporters’ and ‘hunters’ are mostly clueless about the meaning of liberty and personal responsibility.

Calling a libertarian an “isolationist” is like calling your neighbor a hermit because he doesn’t come on your property and break your windows.

libertarians: diligently plotting to take over the world and leave you alone.

Good stuff:  Ted Nugent and Piers Morgan go at it again.  Ted wins, big time:  “You are the perfect poster boy to stand up for things that make no sense at all to common sense people”

Ted Nugent to Piers Morgan: You are full of CRAP on Gun Debate (Owned) 2/4/13

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