News, Links, and Pics – January 31, 2013

interesting to me:

Excessive Modularity Hindered Development of the 787

Sen. Rand Paul Introduces Legislation Prohibiting U.S. from Sending F-16’s & M1’s to Egypt – 1/31/13

from email:

A forward-thinking State Representative, James White, District 19, has proposed HB 568, The Texas Self-Sufficiency Act, to address the question, “What would Texas do in the event that the United States of America defaulted?”

Given the possibility that the massive U.S. debt could become unsustainable and cause a financial meltdown, Texas could face serious withdrawal symptoms if all federal funds were completely and suddenly unavailable. What would Texas do?

Urge your representative to support Mr. White’s bill.
This is not a secession bill. This bill calls for Texas to be prepared in case the federal government by choice or by actions taken by its creditors finds itself impotent.

Pictures, Cartoons, Memes, and more:

“we should remain vigilant in protecting the constitutional rights of law-abiding citizens, and I think far too often, the approaches that have been suggested by this congress on the issue of gun violence restricts the liberties of law-abiding citizens rather than targeting the violent criminals that should be targeted”

Senator Ted Cruz not only Swept the floor on the Gun Control Hearings..he took out the trash

Yes, Ted Cruz seems to be a rock star. I like what he is doing: Kicking ass.

Sen. Ted Cruz Questioning Chuck Hagel in Confirmation Hearing News, Weather
Reality Check: Growing Movement of County Sheriffs Saying They Will Not Enforce Federal Law That Violates 2nd Amendment

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