Notes: Sheriff (ret) Richard Mack

I wanted to jot down a few notes from Mack’s presentation tonight.  I knew he would be interesting, but I was surprised by how good it was.  He is not just a gun-rights or states-rights guy, but he is a pro-liberty guy.  He gets it, and he articulates it well too.  

  • History of Mack’s career
    • turning point while writing a ticket (“is what I’m doing here helping this person?”)
    • wife suggesting he keep his job, but stop being a hypocrite
    • Brady bill required states to enforce federal law, all AZ sheriffs were not happy about this, and all except him were going to go along with it
    • 7 sheriffs in 7 states sued Clinton administration, all states except Texas won
    • conflict of 2 appellate court decisions guaranteed supreme court would hear case
  • Idea:  Sheriff to create posse to back him up when needed.  Sheriff to issue cards that indicate “I require this person to remain armed at all times”
  • Mack’s case reinstated the 10th amendment
  • Ruling:  State legislature is not subject to federal direction
  • On the subject of using interposing and possibly getting fired:  “There are more jobs, but there is no more freedom”
  • Question to ask every cop: “if you could go back in time — would you arrest Rosa Parks?”
  • The enforcement of stupid laws is the essence of tyranny
  • Statistical analysis does not equate to Constitutionality.  Whether something is a good idea or not is irreverent when it violates the US Constitution.
  • The federal government does NOT have all the government power
  • It is easier for illegals from Latin America to travel to the US than it is for a US citizen to get on a plane
  • We all have to DO MORE!


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