SPLC and your Local Police

SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL POLICE AND KEEP THEM INDEPENDENT! – The Southern Poverty Law Center prides itself on “fighting hate, teaching tolerance and seeking justice.” Yet, explore their recent efforts in targeting law-abiding Americans, and that veneer of righteousness quickly peels away.

There is a tie to the actions of the SPLC (Southern Poverty Law Center) and the trend to federalize our local police.  SPLC calls out hate groups, which is a noble effort, except that most recently they actually use this as a weapon to combat groups that hold political values opposite their liberal agenda.  In other words they often target people and groups who are not actual hate groups at all, but just don’t fall in line with the SPLC’s political ideals.  [This is the true meaning of what it means to not be Politically Correct – going against the Narrative]

Examples of ‘hate groups’ as defined by SPLC that I’m familiar with include:  National Rifle Association, Gun Owners of America, Wall Builders Ministry, Family Research Council, Christian Action Network, and of course the John Birch Society.

The SPLC has the ear of DHS.  After a FOIA forced DHS to reveal why they considered liberty groups, conservative groups, and veterans as possible terrorist, it was revealed that much of that information came directly from the SPLC.  This information is pushed and shared with virtually all local police departments, spreading misinformation to all parts of the USA.

Please consider talking to your local police chief about this issue.  I’d like our local police to remain independent of federal influence.  It is important that local police departments understand the manipulative nature of the SPLC and how the information they push out becomes ‘intelligence’ then pushed to local police departments from federal departments.

JBS has a 16 minute DVD video on this subject, as well as Support Your Local Police information packets to help!

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