Links and News – January 13, 2013 part 2

I’ll be away from the Interwebz for the next few days, so I’m doubling up on todays feed!

From Jack Hunter

Great piece by Brian Doherty: “Important aspects of Paulism—a willingness to seriously cut government spending and functions, an unwillingness to be a good party member at all costs, a willingness to rethink our foreign military and aid commitments and respect civil liberties—still have a scattering of staunch defenders, one of them also named Paul. And if federal irresponsibility on spending and debt continues as it seems it will, these radical solutions may start seeming sensible and necessary to more than just the 11 percent of the GOP primary voters who made Ron Paul a legend.”

The Ron Paul Legacy –

Pictures and Posters:

I say this is a great idea:  The second and tenth amendments are my favorites by the way!

Woodlands lawmaker wants to make federal weapons ban illegal in Texas

OK, that’s it!

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