Billy – Amidst The Noise

A week ago, a video circulated of a man explaining and digging in to gun and crime data.  He seems to be well aware of the divisive, dishonest, fear-based ‘news’ we are immersed in.  He rails against mainstream media and politicians.  He is a voice of truth and reason:

Choose Your Own Crime Stats
His second video, every bit as good as the first: Words, Language, and Labels: The power they hold and how media and politicians use them against us

War of the Words
Judging from his nearly 1 million views in just a week of starting out and how great his messages are, I’m guessing he will soon rising to some sort of importance. I hope he does, I’ll be following his releases!
Here he explains a little about ‘who he is’:

It’s not me, it’s you

AdmidsTheNoise youtube channel

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