Your Right to Vote

The big finale of the 2012 election cycle is coming to an end tomorrow!  Lots and lots of resources are being spent to try to encourage everyone to get out and vote.  I think this is a terrible idea, here is why:

Voting is a basic right, just like owing guns and the most bad-ass military weapons available.  It is a right, just like your right to have 14 kids from as many different mates.  It is a basic human right, just like your right to smoke / inject / snort whatever you want into your body for whatever reason.  But, just like I wish incompetent people would keep their hands away from weapons and wish that losers would not breed, I sincerely wish people who don’t bother understanding the issues or the candidates would please stay home.

As much as a complain about the corrupt and waste of our current system of government, I’ve learned what the source of the problem is:  We is the problem.  

Having said all that, I also believe it is ever person’s moral obligation to vote.  Go figure.

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