Paul Wheaton Permaculture

Here is a nice article featured on the front page of Montana’s largest weekly newspaper. It is about Paul Wheaton, who is on my short list of heroes. It explains how Paul got started in Permaculture because he sucked so bad at gardening.

“I used to explain permaculture with the story of the Sahara,” Wheaton says. “The Sahara used to be jungle and savannah. Then people learned about this new, hip thing. … It’s called agriculture. And you just pull the seeds out of your food and stick them in the ground right next to your house and then, boing! The food leaps out of the ground. And that’s so much closer than walking out to the woods.”

But, in time, the cleared soil loses nutrients. So they cut down more trees. “And then the rain doesn’t fall as much. And what the hell? It was falling great last year. Why isn’t it falling great this year? And the rain falls less and less and less, and then—desertification. And permaculture is the reversal of that.”

My favorite quote:  “Weeds: Because Mother Nature is Not Your Bitch”


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