My Apology (and More) to Harry Pierce

I was approached in person by ex-candidate Harry Pierce, who complained to me about a few things.  His main complaint was that I called his motives into question.  His secondary complaint was that I indicated he didn’t have an understanding of the US Constitution.

My Apology (and comments) to Harry Pierce and Josh Caesar

I reviewed the post “Unqualified Congress Candidates” to see what I actually said. I agree that I unfairly called their motives (Josh Ceasar’s too) into question.  My intent was to call their qualifications into question.

For this, I apologize.

The main point I was trying to make in that post was how surprised I was that neither of the two candidates could name even one of the 18 powers given to congress by the US Constitution.

Harry brought up his military service as an example of how he fought for the Constitution. This was his example that we are both on the same side, and it is wrong for me to tear down one of my own team members. In a sense, this is correct, but I mostly disagree. I want all elected officials to really understand the meaning of the Constitution. I don’t think this is asking too much. I stand by my original statements. If you say you do in fact know the Constitution, that is fine, but you failed the test. 0 out of 18.

Harry also asked me how I would like it if someone made blog posts about me.  My answer to this is if I ask to be elected to office, calling out my abilities publicly is fair game.

Thanks for reading my blog and watching my video. I’m a gen-ex-er. I think this is how people should communicate public issues. Out in the open, honestly, for all to see.

Harry, if you read this, I encourage to leave me a message in the comments, or make your own video.  And please, if you expect to be elected to public office, learn what’s in the US Constitution!

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  1. David Callaway says:

    In the debate video, the reason Pierce gave for not answering the Article 1 Section 8 question was that he only had 30 seconds. In the beginning, the moderator clearly gave each candidate 2 minutes to answer each question. I do not think Pierce knew any of the 18 enumerated powers and that is why he handed the microphone off like a hot potato and sat down so quickly.

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