Obama or Romney?

Realistically, Americans are down to the choice of one of the two remaining candidates for POTUS.  Neither are very desirable to me, but for the sake of  argument, lets go through the high points of each.

For Obama:

Obama winning a second term would “drive the economy further into the ditch” and likely cause the wheels to finally come off and cause an actual revolution.  This would result in chaos and likely a completely new government.  There is a chance that the new government would be better than the one we have now.

For Romney:

The rabid liberals will become vocal once again; talking about the atrocities against the Constitution, civil rights, and how bad war is, etc.  and start demanding (once again) we fix these problems.

The clear choice for the greatest probable improvement (or least likely destruction) to the country is Mitt Romney, and it is based on the positive power of rabid liberals!

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