Uniting the Republican Party

So I got a little taste of some of the internal conflict within the Texas Republican party this past week while I participated in the Texas GOP Convention, which was the largest political convention in the world to date.  It is a pretty clear trend: the energy and young people are solidly behind the message of liberty and adherence to the US Constitution as defined by Ron Paul.  There are a few main groups where opposition to the message of liberty seems to come from:  1) The so called social conservatives, who advocate deviating from the conservative philosophy in areas where using the force of government supports the specifics of their value system.  2) The entrenched establishment who wish to remain in power at all costs.  3) Those convinced that support of the outrageous interventionist military practices are a good idea or are necessary for our safety.

While I do understand that many mainstream Republicans are turned off by the Ron Paul supporters who are rude, outspoken, aggressive, hard to deal with, or otherwise just look like they don’t fit in, the message that Ron Paul delivers is what I want to talk about.  His message on Thursday covered the topic of how to unite the Republican party.  Here is what he said:

Uniting the party is important, but you have to ask the question, what are you going to unite around?  If you unite around no child left behind… if you unite around expanding the department of education and expanding medicare benefits… if you unite behind the things that cost money…. what good is it?  Sure we want to be united, but we have to unite on the right principal.  And if you get confused on what the right principal is and what the position should be, why shouldn’t we all just unite behind the Constitution?

Original audio here, around the 8:40 mark.

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