Big Sugary Drinks & Raw Milk

“In a free society, you will always be able to buy a big drink with a lot of sugar in it.”

Those of us who attended the 1st breakout session at the Texas Republican Party Convention will never forget the sustained applause that greeted this innocuous statement by Dr. Ron Paul.

This was the first time I had listened to Ron Paul speak in person and it was very exciting, just like everyone said it would be.

But then, Ron Paul made a statement that aroused even more applause.   “You might even be able to drink raw milk.” 

It was deafening in that arena.  For a moment I thought the roof might collapse as the people screamed themselves hoarse.

Is the issue of raw milk this big of a deal?  No, but the message of liberty is!

Do I idolize Ron Paul?  The truth is that I didn’t support him at first.  He is not a very good speaker, he is really old, and he is not very cool.  But his message is consistent, and it defines a philosophy that I believe is the answer for how humans should treat each other.  That message is generally the opposite of what the mainstream Republicans and Democrats practice.  It is also the principle that started the United States of America and is embodied in the Declaration of the US and the US Constitution.  Ron Paul has been at this for 40 years now.  He doesn’t waver from his principle, he doesn’t give in to corruption or peer pressure.  He is a hero and a true leader.

I pride myself on my ability to use reason and logic to come up with good solutions.  This also means that emotion needs to be carefully dealt with to make sure it doesn’t bias the solutions, so I’ve become pretty good at recognizing emotion.  For me, hearing Ron Paul speak on the topic of liberty was an emotional experience.  Maybe this means I can’t possibly be thinking clearly about this subject.  Or maybe it means I have thought about all the reason and logic up front, and to see one person lighting the fires of liberty inside so many peoples hearts really moves me!  The grassroots liberty movement made huge advances this year.  I’ve watched it happen right before my eyes.  It is emotional, but I have to ask the questions, will it be enough, and is it too late?

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