Don’t Give Up Your Rights

Based on another story about police’s blatant disregard for our basic human rights and possible motivation for stuffing the local coffers, I wanted to share some basic information  about rights and how police might try to encourage you to give them up voluntarily or by using force, persuasion, or trickery.  When it comes to the subject of rights, be aware:

  • Your rights come from the fact that you are born.
  • Government or other people can not give you any rights.
  • You can’t give or assign your rights to anyone else.

The first 10 amendments to the US Constitution were created to restrict the government from infringing on what the founders thought were the most important rights.

The graphics below show a short list of your basic rights that you should keep in mind in situations where you are involved in a traffic stop and dealing with law enforcement.  (source:

I can’t believe I never posted the video below! This is some very important information explaining why you should never talk to the police, in any circumstance.

Dont Talk to Police

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