Prager’s Top 10 Ways Liberalism Makes America Worse

Dennis Prager goes through some interesting comments on the philosophies of liberal and conservative.  By the way, if you haven’t watched all of the 5-minute Prager University videos, go do it!

  • I wasn’t a liberal, but I didn’t know that; therefore, I was a liberal!
  • The great moral diving line is about the size of the state.
  • The bigger the state, the smaller the citizen.
  • The left of this country wishes to be Sweden, the right does not wish to be Sweden.
  • A liberal can not admit that a conservative are utterly decent people.
  • Conservatives measure morality by what happens, Liberals measure morality by what was intended.
  • More people have been killed by governments than anything else in history (including religion) — and this was done in the 20th century alone.
  • The next time someone asks ‘where are all the men?”, tell them the Democrat party and their policies got rid of them
  • It is a very great battle — and the only place still battling it is the United States.  Western Europe gave up.  The left one.  This is the last stand.  The battle is taking place right this moment.
  • There is something immoral about spending more than you take in.

10 Failures of Progressive Policies on the Character of Society

  1. The bigger the government, the less citizens do for one another.
  2. The welfare state may be well-intended, but it is a ponzi scheme.
  3. Citizens of welfare states become increasingly narcissistic.
  4. The liberal welfare states makes people disdain work.
  5. Nothing guarantees more, the erosion of character, than getting something for nothing.
  6. The bigger the government, the more the corruption.
  7. The welfare state corrupts family life.
  8. The welfare state inhibits the maturation of its young citizens into mature adults
  9. As a result of the lefts sympathetic views of pacifism, and because almost no welfare state can afford a strong military, European countries rely on America to fight the worlds evil, and even to defend them.
  10. The worldview of the left is not to divide the world or see the great battle as between good and evil, but between rich and poor.  Equality therefore trumps morality and other values.

Dennis Prager’s Top 10 Ways Liberalism Makes America Worse

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