DR Horton Sucks, Part 3

Improperly made electrical connections are a pet peeve of mine, especially when they are in my own house with the potential to burn it down! This picture below is the reason our dishwasher quit working tonight. Notice that joint had been hot enough to blacken the insulation, which means it was hot enough to start a fire. The inside of the junction box had black marks also. (at least it was in a junction box!)

This is the second wiring problem I’ve found that has resulted in failure. Luckily, neither caused a fire. I can’t help but to think the builder, DR Horton, does not hire quality electricians, and they don’t properly supervise their electricians, and they don’t properly inspect their own work. Combine that with the fact they couldn’t figure out why the back door leaked for the first 2 years, and I am comfortable making the statement publicly that “DR Horton Sucks”.

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5 Responses to DR Horton Sucks, Part 3

  1. Tony Warr says:

    This is exactly the kind of thing Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters were designed for. Have you considered adding some?

  2. Jeremy says:

    I will second that motion. DR Horton homes are terrible. Im sure most of the builders around here are the same. They throw up these houses with the cheapest material they can get.

  3. Big K says:

    I third the motion!!!!!!!!!! Dr. Horton built behind us and screwed up our backyard completely. Now our backyard floods everytime it rains more than an inch. It was fine till they built there. We have lived here for years and never a problem. The reason is DR. Horton didn’t follow the survey plat for grading and the city didn’t catch them at it till it was too late..meaning they built several houses out of grading spec. By the time the city caught them it was too expensive for them to change the lots so they ended up putting a “catch basin” in the back of OUR yard to catch THEIR run off. The city caved in because DR. Horton is building so many homes within the city it brings in so much extra taxes/income, which im all for but at least they should have let a reputable contractor come in and build.
    I feel so sorry for these new young couples buying these crappy houses. Dr. Horton built a “model across from us and my wife and I went in and came out laughing. They had a lot of bells and whistles in the model but you can’t disquise a turd! big gaps in the sheetrock, terrible paint job, poor and I do mean poor cabinetry, scary ass wiring way worse than this example. and on and on..
    Can’t someone stop companies like this! Thank the lord our house wasn’t built by DR. “Slap the shit together” Horton.

  4. Alonso says:

    Frenchmans Trail Phase 1, Phase 2 Carencro,LA

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