The Electibility of Ron Paul – Part 2

I’ve talked to several people recently who:

  • have the intention of voting in the Republican primary
  • have not watched any of the debates
  • have picked their favorite candidate (either Romney, Cain or Newt)
  • can’t articulate principals or positions of their candidate, which makes me think their decision is almost 100% emotional and 0% intellectual

Another lame-brain comment sounds something like “a vote for Ron Paul is a vote for Obama”.  Consider this:  Ron Paul is the only Republican candidate who captures the independent voter.  (he also captures some votes from the Democrat voters)  The independent voters decide elections in the US.  Given the choice of BO or another neo-con, many independent voters will choose BO.  If Republican voteers care about unseating BO, they should vote for a true conservative who understands the issues, and has a record of standing with the Constitution. (vote for Ron Paul!)

CNN: Should Ron Paul Run As A Third Party Candidate?

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