Allen ISD Tax Election

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VOTE Saturday, Oct 8 – Allen ISD Tax Election

Allen ISD:  The Tax Ratification Election (TRE) is set for Saturday, Oct 8, please decide how you will vote and VOTE!  Voting Location:  Allen ISD Administration Building,  612 E. Bethany Drive, Allen [map]


Read this research by two AAP members — it will only take a minute! Summary Report Tax rate comparisonEducational impact.

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One Response to Allen ISD Tax Election

  1. Amber Gallimore says:

    Brian…I would suggest that if you would like the voters to be fully informed and therefore able to see all viewpoints, then they should also check out information on the Allen ISD website.

    It should be noted that even with this tax increase our tax rate will be lower than it was in 2004 at 1.94 and that Allen currently receives less money per student that many of our surrounding cities. We currently receive $2000 less per student than neighboring Lovejoy.

    The AAP research suggests that with a tax rate increase that home sales in Allen will decrease. I don’t agree with this. In talking with many individuals who move to Allen it is stated over and over again that they come to Allen for the superb schools and opportunities for students. However we will only be able to continue to provide the same level of service to families with appropriate funding.

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