Aquaponics 101 Video from TheUrbanFarmingGuys

I love what ‘The Urban Farming Guys‘ are doing.  This excellent video is a 7 minute introduction to aquaponics.

From their ‘about‘ page:

Who are we…..

We are the urban experiment…

We are the seed that died and went into the ground.  We are about 20 families who have purposefully uprooted from out of our comfortable suburban homes and moved into one of the worst neighborhoods in Kansas City.  We bought homes within a 5 block radius of each other and we put down our stake for the sake of the youth and the poor. What is going to happen to us … who knows, but this is certainly not some novelty idea, and please don’t try it yourselves without thinking it through.  We are a band of revolutionaries.  We don’t claim this is even a good idea…. it is our lives.  We are cultivating the life of the innercity. The Police helicopter is our favorite bird.  Neighborhood meetings are our drama.  Dropping crime stats are our touchdown cheer.  Just to see people walking their dogs around the block again is a sign of good things to come. Stay tuned, lots of adventure to come….and please Join Us Here

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