The Clash of Generations –

the generation that came of age in the last 50 years, my generation, will be remembered most for the incredible bounty and freedom it received from its parents and the incredible debt burden and constraints it left on its kids.

via The Clash of Generations –

— The whole article is pretty good, even if you aren’t a fan of Friedman or the NYTimes, but this is the money quote!  A few of my expectations for everyone:

  • Those who voted for BO admit your bad judgement
  • Those who supported the war in Iraq to ‘fight terrorism’ admit they were wrong (I have done this)
  • Muslims denounce the radicals using your religion to kill people and control everyone else, and work to solve the problem
  • Leave the world better than you found it, especially leave your children in a better situation than you were afforded.  Massive debt and oppressive restrictions on freedom  is the opposite of this.
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