Liberty Dollar – down but not out

Liberty Dollar – down but not out | Constitution Preservation.

The story of Bernard von NotHaus is fascinating to me and I believe a very important one to follow.    In Michael Badnarik’s latest article, he explains some of the points of Bernard’s appeal.  Here are a few quotes, please read the full article for context.

the fact that the government accuses Bernard of one thing, while submitting evidence for something altogether different. This is essentially a legal bait and switch, which is a common tactic for members of the Bar Association.

With a “come big or stay at home” attitude that I greatly respect, GATA begins by explaining how important this decision is to everyone in the United States.

GATA has an abiding interest in a correct understanding of the provisions of the U.S. Constitution regarding coinage and counterfeiting. GATA believes that the Government’s effort to use this case to end the people’s right to develop and use whatever means of exchange that they freely choose constitutes a dangerous step on the path to tyranny.

The genesis of liberty is rooted in man’s quest to be free and enjoy his unalienable right to property. No greater property exists – outside of one’s own body – than money, for money represents the product of man’s labor in its physical form. Today the government’s control of money is the greatest threat to individual liberty. The entrenched Federal Reserve banking system, hatched by bankers and politicians back in 1913, has run unchecked for 90 years and has confiscated 96% of the wealth it was created to protect.



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